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A Walk in the Meadows at Rosings Park

A Walk in the Meadows at Rosings Park - Mary Lydon Simonsen This lovely novella puts Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy in a new position. Elizabeth's sister Jane is engaged to Mr Bingley, Darcy's close friend; Charlotte Lucas is married to Mr Collins and Elizabeth is visiting with the couple. It seems there are no obstacles for Lizzie and Darcy, but such is definitely not the case. Elizabeth still remembers how Mr Darcy slighted everyone, including her, at the Meryton Assembly and although they like each other, there is also the question of rank that Lizzie cannot seem to overlook.I truly enjoyed this new spin on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice because it puts Darcy and Lizzie into an entirely emotional – and therefore more intimate – predicament. The character of Elizabeth Bennet is delightfully and accurately outlined. Her wit and humour, as well as seriousness and independence of thought, are well observed. While Darcy is just slightly too relaxed in public situations and acts mostly on impulse, his character is essentially still the Darcy we all know from the original. He shows that, when surrounded by friends and family, he is a kind and amiable gentleman and not the arrogant grouch he was at the Meryton Assembly. The whole situation is well written and offers great and witty dialogue that truly delighted me.This is a novella that reads smoothly and fast, and it should delight any Austen fan. You will finish the last page with a smile. It is a story that combines romance and witty humour very deftly, while staying true to the characters and the original plot.Any fan of Jane Austen should read it.